My name is Bianca and I'm a 19 year-old college student from a small town in Texas who started Creativities By B in September 2020.

Growing up, I never really got into art or kept in touch with my creative side -- let alone knew I had one! It wasn't until the pandemic hit us last year that it finally unfolded. After spending the first few months stuck in a lockdown, my friend recommended I start selling stickers for fun. So, after spending the summer saving up for an iPad & Cricut by selling secondhand clothing, I gave my creativity a try and immediately fell in love with bringing my art to life! Thus, Creativities By B was born— a safe space for the day dreamers & night thinkers!!

Here at CBB, you’ll see that it’s your one-stop shop for making mental health & self-care a priority—with adorable essentials for the idealist & empowered. You’ll find products that encourage you to be a best version of yourself & manifest your dreams!!